Nov 27, 2011

Sistar’s Bora Asks Ji Hyun Woo to Arrange a Meeting with Song Joong Ki

Bora of Sistar asked Ji Hyun Woo to arrange a meeting with Song Joong Ki.

On the episode of KBS’s Invincible Youth 2 that aired on November 26, Bora started off by saying, “Senior actor Song Joong Ki looks so manly to me.”

In this broadcast, Bora confessed, “Song Joong Ki is my ideal type. I heart that Hyun Woo’s uncle knows him well.” and asked Ji Hyun Woo to arrange a meeting for her. Hyun Woo replied, “Well, he worked with him on a drama before.”

Other guests pressed on him to arrange a meeting. In the end Bora shook Ji Hyun Woo’s hand and gave a good laugh.

Ji Hyun Woo attracted attention by talking about Suzy’s charms.

Source: Xportsnews
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  1. ya! Joong Ki is so manly, that's true!

  2. which drama did song ki and hyun woo work together??

  3. what episode is this?