Nov 20, 2012

Song Joong Ki′s Best Bros

Song Joong Ki may be able to charm the pants off the ladies, but he’s got a good rapport with the boys too, proven by his well-publicized bromances with some of the hottest male celebrities around. 

Guess when you’re always fighting the women off, it’s best to have a few guys around who (probably) won’t fall in love with you!
Yoo Ah In and Park Yoo Chun

The Joseon flower boys were probably the best part of the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (and there were a lot of good parts in that drama) - but fans just couldn’t get enough of Song Joong Ki, Park Yoo Chun and Yoo Ah In.

Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In were even won the Best Couple Award at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards - and the bromance lived on with commercials, birthday parties, and of course, all the frequent mentions of each other in interviews.

While Park Yoo Chun may seem like the third wheel in this relationship, Song Joong Ki’s proved that he still remains close to the leader of the Joseon F4 - when Park Yoo Chun’s father passed away, Song Joong Ki and the other cast members reportedly stayed by Park Yoo Chun’s side until late in the night during the funeral. 

Now that’s friendship.

Kim Jae Joong and Im Joo Hwan

Song Joong Ki sure is close with the JYJ members!

While Song Joong Ki is reportedly best friends with actor Im Joo Hwan, they’ve also been known to hang out with Kim Jae Joong. 

Earlier this year, Kim Jae Joong tweeted photos from a trip to Busan with, you guessed it, Song Joong Ki and Im Joo Hwan, and fans immediately began swooning over the good-looking threesome.

Unfortunately, Im Joo Hwan is in the army now, but Song Joong Ki made to sure to show up to say goodbye when Im Joo Hwan reported for service. 

But while the bff is fulfilling his national duties, Kim Jae Joong is making sure to fill in on friend duties, showing up for Song Joong Ki’s premiere of A Werewolf Boy, while Song Joong Ki reciprocated by supporting Kim Jae Joong’s movie, The Jackal is Coming.

Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook

While Song Joong Ki may have left Running Man fairly early on, he managed to form solid relationships with the cast, including Yoo Jae Suk and Song Ji Hyo. But perhaps the most adorable friendship was the one between Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook.

The three have managed to seamlessly mix a professional relationship with a personal one, with Song Joong Ki most recently acting alongside Lee Kwang Soo (as best friends, natch) and Song Joong Ki offering to star in Kim Jong Kook’s music video - for free. Lee Kwang Soo even dropped by set, though he didn’t show up in the video. 

Wait, not only that. Song Joong Ki is also has close relationship with none other than Asia Prince, Jang Geun Suk. Jang Geun Suk also shared an intimate picture of him and Song Joong Ki last year.

Guess when you can schedule your work so that it includes your friends, bromance is easy to carry on!

Photo credit: KBS, Kim Jae Joong′s Twitter, 101 Entertainment
Source: Soompi, MyJoongKi

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