Nov 5, 2012

BoA and Park Ji Min Fangirl about Song Joong Ki

Taking over one at a time, Song Joong Ki recently stole the hearts of BoA and Park Ji Min. 

On November 3, BoA tweeted, “If there is A Werewolf Boy like him…. That I’ll raise at least ten…. It’s a jackpot…just wait….haha.” 

Participating in BoA’s tweet about Song Joong Ki in his new movie, A Werewolf Boy, Park Ji Min replied, “Oh! You watched it too?? TT TT I just saw it and came out crying. TT TT
BoA tweeted back, “Oh?? Ji Min?? He’s the Nice Guy that doesn’t exist in this world,” referring to Song Joong Ki’s current KBS drama Nice Guy. Park Ji Min replied, “It’s just a tsunami of touching moments.” 

Song Joong Ki is currently taking over the small and big screen with Nice Guy and A Werewolf Boy, which are both ranked number one on their respective charts. 

After seeing BoA’s longing for Song Joong Ki, netizens commented, “BoA’s fallen for Song Joong Ki’s charms too,” “I’m in love with Nice Guy”and “I really want to see A Werewolf Boy now.”

Source: EnewsWorld

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