Nov 1, 2012

A Werewolf Boy Tops the Box Office

A Werewolf Boy, a romance film that stars Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young, topped the box office, beating the Hollywood blockbuster 007 Skyfall.

According to the box office chart issued by the Korean Film Commission on November 1, A Werewolf Boy topped the box office by attracting a total audience of 129,463 on October 31. Including the VIP preview, the total attendance at the film is 139,430 so far.

A Werewolf Boy is a love story about a werewolf boy (played by Song Joong Ki), who is considered as a dangerous creature, and a lonely girl (played by Park Bo Young), who isolates herself from the world.

The film attracted a lot of attention even before the film was released because it stars the two popular actors. It has beaten the film 007 Skyfall, one of the most popular sequals of the 007 series.

007 Skyfall ranked second by attracting 91,001 people (a total audience of 1,157,512). Masquerade ranked third by attracting 56,923 people (a total audience of 11,098,957) and Suspect X ranked fourth by attracting 26,705 people (a total audience of 1,333,754).

The Peach Tree, which was released on the same day with A Werewolf Boy, ranked seventh with a total audience of 4,547 (6,945 when the number of audience from its VIP preview is included).

Source: TVReport
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