Nov 18, 2012

5 Things You May or May Not Know about Song Joong Ki

With both a successful drama and a movie, Song Joong Ki is probably the most sought out star at the moment. Women melt at the sight of his smiles and men envy his ability to attract all those women.

There’s no doubt that Song Joong Ki is one of the hottest stars of 2012 and a good majority of people want to find out more about this baby-faced man who’s easily capable of becoming an evil man (on screen at least). 

Here is a list of five things you may or may not have known about Song Joong Ki in an effort to share some of our knowledge of the heartthrob. 

1. Short Track Skater 

Before he was even thinking about going into acting, Song Joong Ki’s dreams were elsewhere. His focus was on getting a gold Olympic medal as a short track skater. 

From a young age until middle school, Song Joong Ki skated, even becoming a representative for his hometown of Daejeon. He wasn’t just any ol′ skater either, but who won plenty of large meets, including a few games at the South Korea National Athletics Meet. 

Unfortunately, he received a knee injury that ultimately took him out of the sport forever, forcing him to focus more on his education. 

But luckily, Song Joong Ki was able to use his childhood skills later on when he acted in 2009’s MBC drama Triple, where he played the role of Ji Poong Ho, a short track skater representing South Korea. In a way, Song Joong Ki was able to fulfill his dreams after all. 

2. Published Author

He skates, he acts, he sings, and he even writes. 

In 2010, Song Joong Ki wrote a book ... on skincare.

The English title of the book is Beauty Skin Project, but if we had to translate it literally, it would be somewhere along the lines of ‘Beautiful Skin Men Project.’

It’s not at all surprising, really, since Song Joong Ki is known for his flawless baby skin, so of course he’s going to share all the secrets and how-to’s to get perfect skin like him. 

We don’t have a copy of the book, so we can’t express our opinions about it, but stars have raved about it and it has a 9.0 rating on Naver Books, so it must be a must-have beauty book for men. 

3. An Aspiring Broadcast Announcer

When his dreams of becoming a short track skater were crushed, Song Joong Ki shifted gears towards becoming a TV announcer. 

During college, Song Joong Ki joined the broadcasting club and was actually appointed as an announcer for his university’s news program, telling all the students about the school’s upcoming events and issues. 

Funny enough, it seems that everything Song Joong Ki did in the past actually ended up helping his acting career, as he said being an announcer in college has helped him during the dubbing of the animation movie Rio in 2011. 

4. A+++ Student

Remember when we said Song Joong Ki turned his focus to his education after getting injured? Well, Song Joong Ki really poured out everything towards his education, receiving top scores from high school all the way to college. 

A morning program focused on Song Joong Ki’s life, going into his high school years and taking a peek at his grades. No less than expected, Song Joong Ki scored all A’s, especially in his last year of high school, which is perhaps the most important time in a Korean student’s life. 

He never missed a day of class in the three years of high school and received tons of honorary awards for being a bright and model student to his peers. He even served as a student representative for two years in high school, becoming the umchinah that everyone hates. 

His success in education didn’t stop in high school, but continued throughout college, where he was a smart and popular student at Sungkyunkwan University. He even appeared on a quiz program last minute and came back home with second place.

By fate or not, Song Joong Ki also went onto act as a student from Sungkyunkwan University during the joseon era in KBS’ Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010. 

5. A Twist on Gag Concert

In 2011, Song Joong Ki made a surprise appearance on KBS’ Gag Concert, where he acted as the adorable younger boyfriend of comedienne Shin Bora, who had all of her dreams come true when Song Joong Ki gave her the royal nuna treatment. 

After the broadcast, Song Joong Ki’s cameo in the comedic skit was much talked about, especially amongst women, who were dying of jealousy. After all, who wouldn't want Song Joong Ki as her younger boyfriend who shows aegyo all the time?

However, there is a twist in this story. 

While Song Joong Ki chased around Shin Bora, calling her nuna~nuna~nuna~, it turned out that Song Joong Ki was actually 2 years older than Shin Bora. 

Even though Song Joong Ki is older and the skit is obviously flawed, we’re definitely not complaining, because that skit was just pure eye candy and we enjoyed every second of it. 

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Source: Soompi

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