Nov 22, 2012

Song Joong Ki Cries at the Final Shooting for Nice Guy

On November 20 on KBS’s “Nice Guy’s” official website, a video was uploaded. To the fans’ surprise, the video showed the shooting of the last episode.

After the final OK from the director, the staffs and the actors shared their goodbyes and hugs. What caught the fans eyes was the fact that actor Song Joong Ki appeared to be shedding tears. The staffs gathered around him to make him feel better, and Song Joong Ki seemed embarrassed to be caught crying. He then smiled to everyone to let them know he is OK.

Song Joong Ki later stated, “I would like to thank all the viewers for their support. Thank you.” Moon Chae Won then added, “For me, this drama was a great gift. I was so happy all throughout the filming.”

Despite the fact that “Nice Guy” has ended, there seems to be no end to the viewers continued interest. However, many have great expectations for the succeeding KBS drama “Jeon Woo Chi,” which aired its first episode on November 21.

Source: Soompi


  1. I patiently waited for each English subbed episode of Mr. Nice Guy at That drama with Song Joong Ki in it was really fascinating. I had watched OB Gyne Doctors as well because he was in there. The funny thing is I really admired him acting in Sunkyunkwan Scandal but didn't really know his name at that time, because I watched SKK because of Yoo Ah In. Then Innocent Man came and I am totally a Song Joong Ki fan now, in addtion to Yoo Ah In. I hope they do a drama together where they play as rivals. Both actors have depth in their acting skills. More projects for them please. from Alem of the Philippines

  2. was actually in Sungkyunkwan when I first watched Song Joong Ki.Im his big fan now.He 's very charming and a very good actor.He has that great acting talent. I don't know but his role in SKK has really caught my heart.It just so perfect for him.Im looking forward to his Innocent man series.:)I love him,really!--Ayvih from Philippines

  3. I started with Sungkyunkwan Scandal but attracted to Song Joong Ki in the end. Then Nice Guy. I love his warm smile, baby face and most important thing is his education. >:D<

  4. i admire joongki oppa since 2009 thru korean series "Triple".. i found him superb since then that's why until now i'm supporting every series and movies he's in. Hwaiting nae sarang! ♥ ♥ ♥