Nov 16, 2012

Song Joong Ki Wonders, “My Charming Point? People Say I’m Like Milk”

The leading icon of current trends, Song Joong Ki, candidly talked about his charm.

On the afternoon of November 16, Song appeared at the press conference of KBS 2’s Nice Guy as it closed, and a reporter asked him, “What do you think your charming point is?”

Smiling, Song Joong Ki answered, “What would it be? I think the image I have for myself and what others think of me is slightly different.

He also said that, “Some female fans around me say that I look like milk. The popular thought people have about me is milk. But they take it back when they hang around me for a bit. Well, it gets a bit awkward as I try to continue this conversation.”

He added, “My friends say that I’m tough at times, but they also tell me that I’m a person full of affection. I have two opposing attributes in me.”

The Nice Guy closed on November 15, and Song Joong Ki is to continue greeting people through his movie A Werewolf Boy.

Source: StarNews
Shared by: Korea,com

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