Dec 5, 2010

The Mischievous Playboy - Interview

With his flower-like looks, the love shaman who completely steals women’s hearts

“I’m Gu Yong Ha.”
This man has stolen women’s hearts in one move with his clever eloquence and winks. Yongha goes around the market streets as if he has not a care at all for worldly matters and worries—-but those who think of him as a screw-up who only cares about women and playing make a serious miscalculation. The scenes where he cares for his childhood friend Jaeshin as though his own body was hurt reveals a deep friendship and a penetrating insight into the ways of life. Through his portrayal of Yongha in this drama, Song Joong Ki has definitely confirmed his place as an actor.
“He’s really an attractive character. Yongha does everything ‘behind the scenes.’ He doesn’t have any special romance in the drama, and he doesn’t have a political goal, but he is a very fun friend. I think many people have shown interest and love in him because he’s a character you don’t often see in historical dramas.”
Except for Yongha, the rest of the Jalgeum Four students (Sunjoon, Jaeshin, Yoonshik) are entangled in a love triangle. Yongha realized this earlier than the others and watched over the situation with a knowing eye. But might he have any regrets for not having a romance himself?
“I’m sad about it. After finishing the drama, I thought there wouldn’t be any big aftereffect, but that wasn’t the case. As I’m the only one without a loveline, an aftereffect was created. [T/N: That is, he feels like someting is unfinished.] In my next project, I also want a role where I can love someone like crazy.”
The most memorable line in the script can be said without any hesitation: “I’m Gu Yongha.”
“After the line became a hot topic, things changed. When we would have unofficial bets for fun, people would divide into sides, but when I would say, ‘I’m Gu Yongha,’ no one would bet against my words. (Laughter)”
Song Joong Ki, who debuted through the movie <A Frozen Flower>, has been a vivid presence on the acting scene since. In the movie <Five Senses>, he plays a high school student with an ill-mannered love [story]; a talented ice skater in the drama <Triple>; and a cute hospital resident in the drama <OB/GYN>, showing his acting skills. Though he began acting at a relatively late age, his efforts at learning and studying harder than everyone else allowed him to shine as the clever Yeorim.
“Filming was happy and fun. More than anything else, I’m really happy to have met good friends like Yoochun and Ah In. In the future, I want to participate in diverse projects without consideration of nationality or genre. Please look forward to a growing and improving actor Song Joong Ki!”
[Red type under the picture]
The reason I’m not worthy
is not because I’m a joongin [middle caste].
It’s because I
was embarrassed of myself.
So from here on out
I won’t live that way!
Because this is Sungkyunkwan,
and I’m Gu Yongha!

Source: Yoo Ah In’s DC Inside Gallery via Purpledoll3′s Naver blog
Trans by: jaeshinah
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