Dec 8, 2010

[Info] 101207 2010 Best 5 Hottest Historical Dramas

[2010 best 5] Hottest historical dramas: First half of the year Slave Hunter、Second half of the year Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Out of all historical dramas broadcasted, which one left the deepest impression for college students?
Recently Joint Korean Film Association (UVA, including Dankook University, Sungkyunkwan University, Ewha University and 18 other colleges or universities) surveyed 660 college students. KBS 2TV Slave Hunter places 1st for historical dramas broadcasted this year with 34%, 2nd place is Sungkyunkwan Scandal with 20%, in 3rd place is MBC Dongyi with 18%.
Sungkyunkwan Scandal sold 3.3 billion in just Japan for copyright, creating the highest record for the year.
It is believed the main reason is because this is the first work of TVXQ born JYJ’s Micky Yoochun.

source: tv report
credit: baidutvxq
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