Dec 16, 2010

Song Joong Ki & “2010 Melon Awards” Under Fire for Poor Performance

The sole MC of the “2010 Melon Music Awards“, Song Joong Ki, has been under fire for his poor hosting skills.
The awards ceremony took place on December 15th and viewers were highly anticipative of the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” star’s MCing skills, as delivered well during his involvement with “Music Bank.” Unfortunately, viewers were left disappointed with the way he spoke in informal speech throughout the show, forgot some of the award winners’ names, and left brief moments of silence that caused an
atmosphere of awkwardness.

The actor also did a solo performance as a highlight for the show and appeared with a guitar. He disappointed on this front as well, as he only delivered a short carol song instead of a full performance, leading many to criticize the act to be a mere time filler.
Viewers commented, “Melon needs to give Song Joong Ki an award. He’s completely ruining the show,” “Is this a one man show? Song Joong Ki’s fan meeting? Song Joong Ki’s concert?,” and “I’m truly at a loss for words with his performance.
The awards show itself earned a lot of negative criticism from viewers due to the minimal amount of preparation that appeared to have gone into it. Award winners prepared nothing else other than their own songs, and special performances were practically nonexistent.
Many broadcast accidents also ran rampant throughout the ceremony, such as miss A failing to appear despite being called many times. Even after they appeared late, the music was switched out, causing a moment of awkward silence.
Presenter Lee Kyeon had commented, “This is embarrassing,” echoing the thoughts of not only the audience present but the viewers at home as well.
p/s: please continue supporting him. Joong Ki Oppa Hwaiting
Source: Newsen via Nate + Allkpop


  1. OMG, I hope he won't be bothered with this. Actually, I feel like there was something strange with Melon yesterday. The list of performance wasn't fully prepared. Anyway, let's continue support him!

  2. yup we need to fully support him...
    oppa hwaiting!!!

  3. I feel sad and mad at the same time about this news... I hate those reporters who made this news!!! He was MC-ing ALONE, okay? Geez... Should I post a link where he sang ALONE with outsider?

  4. yup i hate the reporters n the netizens they just say whatever they like without considering others feeling..