Dec 14, 2010

Song Joong Ki and Han Ye Seul Cast in New Romantic Comedy

Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Han Ye Seul have been casted for the upcoming movie, ‘Despite Being Born‘.
The movie is a romantic comedy about two unemployed people who are struggling to obtain 200 million won.
Song Joong Ki plays ‘Jun Ji Woong’, a role that is completely different from his usual ‘flower boy’ characters. Jun Ji Woong is a college graduate who still needs to borrow money from his mother. Because he is 50 won short, he couldn’t even have a date with his girlfriend.
On the flipside, Han Ye Seul plays ‘Hong Sil’, whose purpose in life is to earn money. She makes use of used bottles and newspapers, and is so cheap that she won’t even go to the hospital.
This movie will be directed by Kim Jung Hwan, and will start filming around February of next year. Stay tuned to allkpop for additional details!
Source: Isplus + Allkpop

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