Dec 5, 2010

An Eye Candy

What more exciting to start a blog of this beautiful guy beside posting the picture of himself during his toddler days. Well this beautiful guys have captured the hearts of many young maiden not only because of his looks but also because his attitude and intelligence. 

This innocent look child has grown to be a cute, funny and smart guy. He is lovable by many although mainly girl. Fan girl will be goo-goo-gaa-gaa with just a wink from him. Besides, he is a really talented young man because he can...

  • Act (I love him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal - he's my favorite character)

  • Emcee (Music Bank of course)

  • Variety Shows (I absolutely LOVE Running Man. Best show ever)

  • CV

There is more such as appearing in MV, being an ambassador and even rap. Its like nothing that he can't do.

Song Joong Ki HWAITING~~~

Source: SidusHQ + Allkpop

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