Dec 27, 2010

Wang Biho thought Song Joong Ki’s MCing Was Embarrassing

Gag Concert’s Wang Biho delivered his characteristic criticisms to one of the hottest stars of 2010, Song Joong Ki, on the episode broadcasted on December 26th.

Catching sight of the actor in the audience, Lee Soo Geun asked Wang Biho, “Can you say anything to Song Joong Ki?“ Wang Biho blurted out, “Song Joong Ki was extremely awkward when he was an MC for ‘Music Bank.‘ I thought he and Seo Hyo Rim were talking in elementary school language or something!”

He then reminisced over one of the moments where Song Joong Ki introduced a song alongside Seo Hyorim, and showed how Song Joong Ki’s face became contorted with embarrassment.

Wang Biho continued, “Song Joong Ki got popular through ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal,’ particularly with his three-colored smile.” He revealed a set of the actor’s ‘three-colored smiles’ to the audience and added, “Of course, the smiles of Song’s are always so lovely. Please show us your three-colored smile!”

At his request, fellow castmate Song Young Kil parodied the actor’s smile in a hilarious manner, immediately earning a response from the audience.

Wang Biho concluded his segment by mentioning all of the actresses Song Joong Ki chose as his ideal female (Miranda Kerr, Hong Eun Hee, Kim Nam Joo): “Hey, do you like married women or something?”

Source: TV Daily, Newsen via Nate
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