Mar 12, 2012

Which Actor is Most Likely to Play Leonardo DiCaprio in "Titanic"?

Actor Yoo Seung Ho beat Kim Soo Hyun and became the Leonardo DiCaprio of Korea.

Yoo Seung Ho led the survey that was conducted in Korea with the 3D version of the "Titanic" coming soon.

The survey was done with the question, "Which actor is most likely to play Leonardo DiCaprio in "Titanic"?" Yoo Seung Ho took 41% and became the most likely. Yoo Seung Ho has taken off the 'kid actor' veil in dramas "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" and "The Proposal" and has become a grown up actor.

Kim Soo Hyun from the drama "The Sun and the Moon" received 30%, Yoo Ah In 16% with "Fashion King" about to be released and Song Joong Ki got 14%.

Meanwhile, "Titanic" tells the story of an investigation team looking for a lost jewel that discovers Rose's (Kate Winslet) portrait in the ship they put a camera into and Rose finds them to tell them a story. The romance between Rose and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) touched the hearts of many around the world with their undying love for each other.

Which actor do you think is most likely to play Leonardo DiCaprio in "Titanic"?

Source: Daum
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