Mar 21, 2012

Song Joong Ki Prepares for a Showdown with Lee Dae Ho

A teaser video featuring actor Song Joong Ki, who is a representative for a clothing brand, and baseball player Lee Dae Ho was released on March 19.
In the video, Song Joong Ki is preparing for a showdown with Lee Dae Ho. Since no one knows about the showdown between the two stars, many people are paying attention to the video. The result of the showdown will be unveiled through a TV commercial, which will start airing on April 1.

People responded: “Two unlikely stars have teamed up for a commercial.” “Song Joong Ki met Lee Dae Ho  in a commercial? Surprising!” “I can’t wait to see the commercial.”

Song Joong Ki is currently shooting the movie Wolf Boy with actress Park Bo Young. The movie is about a girl who finds a wolf boy at a solitary house and feels compassion for him.

Source: TV Report
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