Mar 9, 2012

Song Joong Ki Enjoys Fully Fresh Freedom with a Soda

Actor Song Joong Ki was recently selected as a representative for Coca Cola’s Sprite.

Song Joong Ki shot a commercial for the brand in Melbourne, Australia, and drew a lot of attention online.

Since the concept for the commercial is ‘fresh freedom,’ Song showed off his active and tough charms with his unique fresh smile.

Young people are getting tired and thirsty from playing basketball in bright sun and hot weather. Song Joong Ki wipes his sweat and drinks an ice cold sprite. Then, people see Song Joong Ki drinking the soda and run towards him enthusiastically. When they are about to run into each other, cold water sprays through the air and Song and other people get wet and feel fresh.

Even though Song Joong Ki was tired from his long flight and the hot weather in Australia, he kept smiling while shooting and helped encourage the entire staff.

The director for the commercial says, “Song Joong Ki’s enthusiastic acting skills invigorated the entire staff. Thanks to his cool smile and active lifestyle, we were able to portray the ‘fresh freedom’ image of the brand.”

The commercial will start airing in March.

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