Mar 4, 2012

Beauty Blogger Complimented Song Joong Ki

Makeup beauty blogger Lee Byeong Chul puts on products at his home in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi. By Park Sang-moon Male beauty blogger Lee Byeong Chul counts himself as lucky to be living in today's Korea, where people no longer frown upon his interest in beauty products.

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Do you have a beauty role model and what is your philosophy about makeup?

I saw the actor Song Joong Ki in real life once and was awestruck by his flawless skin. I couldn't believe that a man could look so elegant and graceful. Korean women use too much makeup. In my opinion, taking care of your skin and being diligent .?.?. is much more important than piling on makeup.

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  1. I've already known that our Joong ki has flawless skin, beauty of the god, bright, polite and sociable!!! That's why we love him.