Oct 31, 2011

[SPOILER] Who Won the ‘Nationwide Tour Race’ Game on Running Man?

On the most recent episode of Running Man, Kim Sun Ah and Song Joong Ki made appeared as special guests. One of the main games played was the ‘Nationwide Tour Race‘ which started from DaeJeon through various smaller cities and then back to Seoul.

The participants were required to wear animal costumes along with heavy masks. Their mission was to arrive at the last destination and draw in as many nearby residents toward their team’s flag. The prize: the right to leave the filming set early.

Among the three teams, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Sun Ah, and Haha were the last to arrive at the final destination. Due to their late arrival, the other teams believed that Kim Sun Ah’s team did not pose any threat. However, that was not the case as the three came up with a brilliant plan to attract a large number of residents allowing them to win the game!

Ultimately, Song Joong Ki’s team came in last place and were forced to work overtime. Song Joong Ki who made a comeback on the show stated, “It’s been a while since I came on the show and I get overtime….”

Source: Osen
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