Oct 29, 2011

Song Joong Ki, “I Respect Actor Han Seok Kyu as My Senior.”

On the 27th, from SBS Power FM “Park So Hyen’s Love Game” Song Joong Ki said,”I was so nervous that I couldn’t even fall asleep when I read the script for King Sejong for the first time.”

He taked about that frankly, “as the role of young King Sejong, I didn’t have any confidence because of lots of pressure. Especially, I was worried about my playing in front of one of the greatest actors, Han Seok Kyu, who was cast in the role of King Sejong. ”

He added, “I met actor Han for the first time when shooting the scene young King Sejong and the elder flash back their talking and he praised my playing. I was so grateful and honored.“

On November 10, the movie, Many Drops Make a Romance, will be released. Song was cast in the movie and performed with actress Han Ye Seul. Lots of movie fans are looking for to watching their playing. Song said, ” many people will enjoy it because I look so funny in the movie.”

Source: TV Daily
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