Oct 27, 2011

[Spoiler] "Deep-rooted Tree" Han Seok Kyu and Song Joong Ki

It seems that older Sejong Han Seok-Kyu and younger Sejong Song Joong-ki will come face to face soon enough.

Song Joong-ki plays the role of Young Sejong Lee Do, who had to live as a frustrated scarecrow king while being suppressed by his father Lee Bang-won (Baek Yoon-sik) and going against him to protect his people, managing to pull off the role so well in many different ways.

Han Seok-Kyu then appears as the grown up Sejong and as a genius king he has both soft charisma and bad temper at the same time, saying words like "Damn it" or "Crap". His humanness and slyness adds to his character, and people are calling him "the" actor indeed.

There was a preview that showed Han Seok-Kyu and Song Joong-ki together in one scene. In the episode of the drama on October 26th, the serial murders of scholars in the Jiphyeonjeon was making things tense, and when scholar Jang Seong-soo was killed by a professional, that made Sejong infuriated and hurt.

In the preview that followed, Sejong cried as he was confused if his kingship was in the right.

This preview showed the heated conflict between the older Sejong who was confused about his current self and the younger Sejong who told himself he wouldn't let any of his people get killed. It seems like this scene is showing the inside feelings of Sejong.

Meanwhile, with the death of Jang Seong-soo, Sejong is in confusion and Chae-yoon (Jang Hyeok) and Seong Sam-moon (Hyeon Woo) are running about looking for the murderer.

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