Oct 29, 2011

Song Joong Ki Appears at Sungkyunkwan University

Actor Song Joong Ki recently shot a catalogue for his school, Sungkyunkwan University.

On the 27th, an online community posted pictures with the caption, “Song is shooting a catalogue for Sungkyunkwan University.”

In the pictures, Song looks good in a black T-shirt and a grey jacket. His long legs and milky white skin captured many women’s hearts.

Song has been modeling for the University’s cataloaue, Kingo, since 2008.

People responded: “He is perfect and so bright.” “He is so handsome. Song is the best man ever.” “I heard about the news from my friend who goes to the same University. I envy my friend.”

Song drew a lot of attention by appearing on SBS’s A Deep-Rooted Tree.

Source: Starnews
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