Aug 23, 2012

Song Joong Ki’s Steely Eyes and Cynical Smile in a Teaser Video of Nice Guy

Some snapshots from a teaser video of KBS 2TV’s new drama series Nice Guy were released on August 23.

Innocent man Song Joong Ki’s steely eyes

“How can you kill me? I’m the one who saved you.” Maru (played by Song Joong Ki) says this with steely eyes and cynical smile after he becomes a bad man, which is very impressive even in the short teaser.

Cold-hearted Moon Chae Won falls in love with Song Joong Ki 

Seo Eun Gi (played by Moon Chae Won) is a cold-hearted girl who has grown up as a successor to a conglomerate’s president. However, she deeply falls in love with Maru, who suddenly starts to influence her life.

Ambitious woman Park Si Yeon becomes bad

“There’s something that I desperately want to have, and I’ll try hard to achieve it.” “Please don’t go to Eun Gi.” “Did I make you like this? Like this cold-hearted and scary person?” These three lines of Jae Hee (played by Park Si Yeon) from the series show personality of the character, who had driven Maru over the edge. She gets confused when Maru appears in front of her again.

The three different characters portrayed by the three actors, their passionate love, and detailed scenes of the series are increasing viewers’ expectations for the series.

The melodrama series Nice Guy, which is about a man who tries to revenge himself on his lover using another woman after he gets betrayed by her, a girl who deeply falls in love with the man, and another girl who betrays the man for her success, will start airing on September 12.

Source: TV Report
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  1. The promotional introductions to this drama were so inviting, I was sitting in front of the TV at 9:30 PM, hoping to be entertained. It is such a good drama that every Wed. & Thurs. night I wanted to see Kang Maru and all the fantastic cast members. KBS had my full attention.