Aug 1, 2012

Song Joong Ki: “I Felt Sorry for the Penguin Chicks”

Actor Song Joong Ki recently talked about the penguin chicks he saw while narrating Tears in the Antarctic.

On August 1, Song attended a press conference for the documentary Emperor Penguins Pengi and Somi-Tears in the Antarctic 3D at Mega Box in Seoul.

Song narrated for both the MBC documentary Tears in the Antarctic and Emperor Penguins Pengi and Somi.

Song said, “When the director was shooting the scene, a chick came close to him to hide from a giant petrel. But he couldn’t save the chick because he was just an observer. I really felt sorry for it.”

He added, “During the break, the director said that the giant petrel might also have babies. I think the production crew had a hard time, mentally, while shooting.”

“The last line says that the earth is still crying and it was so impressive. That line made me think humans should consider many things more carefully.”

The documentary is about penguin chicks Pengi and Somi growing up in the Antarctic. it will be released in September.

Source: Starnews
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