Feb 23, 2012

[NEWS] Song Joong Ki Sings Praises of Milk

Song Joong Ki will make his debut as the new face of Seoul Milk in a TV commercial airing this month.

In the commercial, Song Joong Ki will relay the message that the manufacture date on milk packaging is crucial in determining just how fresh the carton is.

He is asked, “Which carton is fresher?” as two cartons of milk, one with three days until it expires and another with four days left, are compared.

Song Joong Ki replies, “I dunno, I dunno,” in the baby talk sing-song for which he has become famous.

Seoul Milk said the 26-year-old star’s trademark “milk-like” skin tone as well as his fresh and youthful image will best represent the company.

“We find that Song Joong Ki’s vibrant image and his can-do attitude, as well as his credibility as a public figure, aligned perfectly with the point we are trying to make about our commitment to producing fresh milk,” a representative from Seoul Milk said.

It seems that Song Joong Ki’s appeal knows no bounds, as just last week he was also selected by Coca-Cola to become the face of Sprite.


  1. Wow. Nowaday Joong ki is so busy with his works. But wish U still stay healthy. Fighting!!!!

  2. Our Joong Ki is totally the image one seeks to promote milk - beautiful vibrant smile with strong healthy teeth and skin so smooth and creamy - he's everybody's dream...