Feb 20, 2012

Multi-Talented Star Lee Seung Ki Says Watching Song Joong Ki or Kim Soo Hyun’s Acting as a King Doesn't Help

The multi-talented star, who was recently cast as a new age king, says watching Song Joong Ki or Kim Soo Hyun’s acting as a king doesn’t help him at all.

Lee Seung Gi had an interview on the episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News that aired on February 19.

In the interview, Lee talked about MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series King 2 Hearts, which he is currently shooting. Lee revealed that he took the role of a king, and reporter Park Seul Gi asked to him, “You know, there are several actors who play the role of a king, including Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Hyun. Do you think watching their acting help you?”

Lee quipped, “Not at all. I will be acting a completely different, unusual, new age king. I’ll be goofing around, doing no work. You must be wondering ‘How come that guy is a king?’” That aroused curiosity about his character.

Lee also talked about actress Ha Ji Won, who plays the opposite him. He praised her saying, “It is a great experience to work with her. She is actually very nice and sweet person.”

Source: TV Report
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