Oct 29, 2012

[PIC+VID TEASER] Song Joong Ki Appears in Kim Jong Kook’s New Music Video

Actor Song Joong Ki appeared in the music video of Kim Jong Kook’s new song, “Men are All Like That,” at no cost.

On October 29, a picture of Song Joong Ki, Kim Jong Kook, and Lee Kwang Soo was uploaded on the Twitter account of Kim Jong Kook’s friend. They became friends after they appeared on SBS TV’s Running Man together.

When the music video aired on October 28 right after the day’s episode of Running Man was over, it received a lot of attention because Song Joong Ki appeared in it.

Song Joong Ki touched Kim Jong Kook and the crew by shooting the music video until late at night, personally checking the concept of the music video.

It’s been revealed that not only Song Joong Ki, but other “Running Man” family members Haha, Gary and Lee Gwang Soo have supported Kim Jong Gook by participating in his newest album. Haha and Gary featured in one of his tracks on the newest album while Kwang Soo visited the music video filming location until the end of the shooting. Lee Kwang Soo also visited the set of the music video and cheered for them. He tweeted, “Finally, some tracks from Kim Jong Kook’s seventh album will be released on October 23 at noon. They’re really great. I guarantee.”

Kim Jong Kook will release his seventh album, including the lead track, “Men are All Like That,” on November 1. Check out the teaser below.

Source: TV Report,  LUNECOM
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