Jul 9, 2012

Song Joong Ki Shows Off His Friendship with Park Ji Sung

Song Joong Ki reveals he''s still good friends with premier league football star Park Ji Sung.

Eyeing a comeback soon with his new drama ‘Nice Guy’, actor Song Joong Ki’s interview was featured on the July 8th episode of MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’.

On the interview Song Joong Ki told some stories about the charity football match he participated on May.

Song Joong Ki stated, “I was playing in the pool with Kim Jong Kook when a familiar face came running towards us. At first I wondered who it was and then I realized it was Rio Ferdinand. He actually recognized us first. I asked Rio Ferdinand if he knew who I was and he said I was an actor”, and he revealed that’s how he and Rio Ferdinand took a picture together by the pool.

About Park Ji Sung he stated, “I still keep in touch with Ji Sung hyung”, and then he left a video message for him, “Ji Sung hyung, always show us the healthy you and good games”, showing off his friendship with the star footballer.

Image: MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’
Source: NewsEN via Nate
Shared by: KPOPFever


  1. Our Joong Ki is popular and friendly, who wouldn't want to know such a fine actor!?

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