May 25, 2012

Song Joong Ki Hangs Out with Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand in Bangkok

Manchester United’s defender Rio Ferdinand recently showed off his close friendship with actor Song Joong Ki.

On May 24th, the famous soccer player attached the photo above and tweeted:

The two men are seen smiling for the camera while posing closely together with their arms over each other’s shoulder. Both are also showing off their athletic build in just a pair of swim trunks while their eyes are covered with a pair of sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki and Rio Ferdinand recently participated in the 2nd Annual Asian Dream Cup at Thailand’s SCG Stadium on May 23rd.

Source: Rio Ferdinand’s Twitter
Shared by: Allkpop


  1. I think JoongKi's body gets better because of wolf boy filming?? xDD

  2. so whiteeee joong ki!! like it..hehe