May 5, 2012

Shinhwa's Jun Jin Doesn't Like Song Joong Ki

On KBS 2TV’s “Hello“, Shinhwa’s Jun Jin revealed that he wasn’t a fan of actor Song Joong Ki for interesting reasons. Jun Jin related to the story of Kim Jae Shik who stated that he didn’t like Shinhwa because his girlfriend was an avid fan of Shinhwa.

Jun Jin explained, “I used to date a celebrity, but she suddenly became a fan of another celebrity…I’m a celebrity too!”

When asked who the celebrity was, Jun Jin answered that it was Song Joong Ki. He said, “I’ve never met Song Joong Ki, but I personally don’t like him very much,” causing laughter. 

Aww, that must have been annoying for Jun Jin. And poor Joong Ki, it’s not his fault!

Source: Ningin


  1. He really has his perfect reason... to hate the person that his GF loves. Haha

  2. Females are naturally drawn to Joong Ki. He's so nice, a perfect gentleman with charming good looks, a winning smile and an enchanting voice. But he's humble and respectful of others.