Jun 21, 2011

Song Joong Ki Favors Older Women and Addresses Sexuality Rumors

     During and after “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” was aired, some people actually began to question Song Joong Ki’s sexuality. He played Goo Yongha, who has a more-than-friends relationship with Yoo Ahin’s character. Their portrayal eventually lead to them earning a ‘Best Couple’ award at the KBS Drama Awards. So when Song Joong Ki arrived in Taiwan last week, he clearly stated that he doesn’t like men.

     He also said that he doesn’t keep in touch with Yoo Ah In because there’s awkwardness, but because he doesn’t ‘have an outgoing personality’. Song Joong Ki wishes that people would focus on his acting skills rather than his pretty boy looks.
However, when asked about liking older women, he responded, in Mandarin, “Really good!”. He’s set to star in the new film, “Penny-Pinching Romance” and coincidentally, his character has a relationship with an older woman. But don’t get your panties tied up in a bunch, Song Joong Ki fans! He clarified that he hasn’t dated older woman before but if he did, a five year age gap sets the limit.

     So there you have it folks, Song Joong Ki is not gay. You know, I’ve always thought that he and Song Ji Hyo would make a cute couple, and hey she’s his noona. Song Sibilings FTW!

Source: www.­koreaboo.­com/­index.­html/­_/­general/­song-­joongki-­likes-­older-­women-­denies-­being-­ho-­r7040


  1. Wow!!!! Yeeesss I love song couple too <3<3

  2. Haha.. they are so cute together...

  3. i like song couple 2, i really hope they couple,,they look cute together,,hahaha

  4. 'Song Joong Ki is Gay' is the most ridiculous statement :p
    SongSong Siblings, oh yeah!