Jun 1, 2011

Song Joong Ki Cast in a New Historical Drama

Song Joong Ki has been cast in a new historical drama. According to Song Joong Ki agency Sidus HQ, the drama is set to be aired on this coming September. Song Joong Ki will the early years of King Sejong. The drama, which is set the 15th century will deal with cases involving serial murder of royal scholar in the palace.

"Song Joong Ki is perfect for expressing King Sejong in his youth. We had a feeling that he will do a remarkable job as soon as we got the script and given his concentration and portrayal, he would create a wonderful character from there," said the production team.

Source: Nate
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  1. really??? this is great! =)

    anyway admin, is song joong ki really starring in full house 2? and when is it going to be aired?
    owh one more thing, did he finished his studies when he debuted?

    sorry for the long question =p its just that when I first knew that he was a good student, that was really inspiring. even his personality himself is very warm. I can see he's a bit shy, upright, yet a kidder.

    keep posting =) thank you!


  2. i'm not sure about the full house 2 but rumour is speculating around the net that he will be involve in full house 2 alongside big bang top. i don't think he finished before debut as there are still pictures of him at the university after debut. hope i've answer all your questions. thank you...