Feb 14, 2015

Song Joong Ki Receives Drama Love Call from the Writer of ′The Heirs′

With Song Joong Ki getting discharged from the army in May, it′s been revealed that he received a lovecall from romantic comedy factory, writer Kim Eun Sook, gaining much attention for what he′ll do after he′s out.
According to broadcast affiliates on February 4, Song Joong Ki recently received an offer to appear as the male lead in Kim Eun Sook′s newest drama, Descendants of the Sun (tentative). As he′s still in the army, a confirmation cannot be made, but it′s said that Song Joong Ki′s agency and the drama production company have already begun sincere discussions.

Descendants of the Sun is a project that will require many overseas shoots as well as a large amount of production fee and time. With Kim Eun Sook known for her hit dramas, such as Secret Garden, The Heirs, On Air, Lovers in Paris and more, the pre-production of this drama is already gathering attention on and off the screen. It′s said that KBS is planning on broadcasting this drama in the second half of 2015, although the details are still being discussed.
Anticipation is high as to whether Song Joong Ki does join Kim Eun Sook in this project. Kim Eun Sook is known for her ′win-win′ history of working with top stars, like Hyun Bin in Secret Garden and Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in The Heirs.
As Song Joong Ki has been noticed for his eye-catching looks and acting ahead of his military enlistment, people are predicting that if both sides come to a final agreement, the public response will be explosive. Regarding this, Song Joong Ki′s agency, Blossom Entertainment told Newsen, "As his army discharge approaches closer, we′ve been getting flooded with many offers."
The rep continued, "Just as we′ve said with the previous movie offer, we′re leaving the offers for Descendants of the Sun and many others open and discussing them." Song Joong Ki was previously offered a role in the Korea-China produced movie, Martial Arts. The agency stated then, "We have received an offer to appear in the film Martial Arts, but it′s just one of the many projects that were offered to us. We haven′t decided on anything." Song Joong Ki enlisted in the army in August 2013 and will be discharged in May.
Photo Credit: Newsen
Source: MWave

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