Jun 24, 2012

Shin Bora Discusses Her Kiss Scene with Song Joong Ki

Comedienne Shin Bora sat down with reporter Kim Tae Jin for an interview for the June 23rd installment of KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly – Guerilla Date‘

During the interview, Shin Bora was asked about her kiss scene with actor Song Joong Ki on ‘Gag Concert‘ to which she simply replied saying, “Aren’t I good at acting? I liked it.”

Reporter Kim Tae Jin then asked the comedienne who she wishes to invite for the skit, ‘The Discovery of Life’. Shin Bora ended up selecting actor Gong Yoo, who’s currently starring in KBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama, ‘Big‘.

She then sent a love call to the actor saying, “I would like to have an opportunity to improve my acting ability with your help.”

Upon watching the broadcast, viewers left comments such as, “She’s very forward about her love call to Gong Yoo“, “I wonder if he’ll really appear as a guest on the skit“, and “I want to see her acting with Gong Yoo.”

Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate

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