Apr 27, 2012

Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won Consider New Melodrama

It looks like we’re going to see Song Joong Ki (Tree With Deep Roots) back in dramaland sooner rather than later, and possibly with Moon Chae Won (The Princess’s Man) as his heroine. The melodrama Nice Guy is the new project from writer Lee Kyung Hee, of Will it Snow for Christmas, I’m Sorry, I Love You, A Love to Kill, and Thank You, among many others.

It seems like Song Joong Ki is a lock for the project, since he does have a longstanding relationship with the writer since Will it Snow, and has been reportedly prepping his schedule for the production. Moon Chae Won is “considering the role among others,” so we’ll see how it plays out.

The story is a straight-up melo, and it sounds like heavy stuff: the hero gets betrayed by his girlfriend, and so in order to get back at her, he uses an amnesiac woman for his revenge scheme. Well that sounds like a GREAT idea. Is there no one in his life to scream, “Mistaaaaaake”? The drama’s title in Korean is a homophone for “nice guy,” but spelled wrong on purpose, like the slangy version of the word. It’s intentional, though I don’t know if it’s actually meant to change the meaning, since this guy is not a nice guy, by any stretch of the imagination.

The production is early in the development stage, so it has yet to find a PD and a broadcaster, but plans to air sometime in August.

Source: Star News
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