Jul 5, 2011

Netizen Comparing Song Joong Ki and Kim Joong Kook's Forearm

Recently various online community board posted picture comparing actor Song Joong Ki and Kim Jong Kook's arm. The screenshot from SBS art program 'Running Man' shown Kim Jong Kook capturing Haha and was hug by the waist by Song Joong Ki. It is noticeable that Kim Jong Kook has thick forearm compared to Song Joong Ki. Kim Jong Kook's forearm is nearly three times larger that Song Joong Ki. Netizen commented "I'm shocked.." and "Three times? It's shocking".

Source: Nate


  1. I never miss "running man"....sparta kook really spartan!!!!

  2. me too... the sparta scares the hell out of me... lol

  3. LOL! I bet Jongkook did his best capturing Haha like that.
    oh Joongki sshi, when you are around I really can't see anyone but you =.=