May 31, 2011

Sneak Peek at Shin Min Ah and Song Joong Ki’s LG XNOTE CF

A scene from actress Shin Min Ah and actor Song Joong Ki’s CF for LG’s XNOTE P430 has been revealed!

During the filming of the CF, both Shin Min Ah and Song Joong Ki wore tight, black outfits and displayed a futuristic appearance – catching viewers’ attention with their transformation.

In particular, the CF’s heroine, Shin Min Ah, escaped her usual innocent or sexy concept and successfully undertook the transformation into a female warrior. She wore ripped leggings and a tight, leather outfit that showed off her body and displayed a new charm that viewers had not seen before.

During the filming, Shin Min Ah was even seen shooting an action shot using a bow-and-arrow. Viewers are looking forward to seeing the completed version of this innovative CF.

Source: OSEN via Nate
Shared by : Allkpop


  1. hye!

    urm, for some reasons, he looked different.
    first, the hair, its urm, well, if he liked it then its okey. but yeah, personally to me, the hair style doesn''t seem to match his personality.
    just a personal opinion =)

    Hope he's doing good =)

    thanks admin for keeping us updated =)


  2. i know i his slightly longer hair more..
    i also think he looks different because of the makeup and all..

  3. What I like in this commercial is Shin Min Ah, she is so cute as ever!