Mar 6, 2011

Park Bo Young Wants Song Joong Ki as Her Older Brother

On March 5th, actress Park Bo Young and actor Song Joong Ki were interviewed by KBS’s “Entertainment Relay“, and expressed hopes of becoming virtual siblings.

Park Bo Young stated, “I don’t have an older brother, so I would love it if Song Joong Ki was my oppa.” The MC then asked Park about what kind of girlfriends she would introduce to him to if he really was her older brother. She replied, “I wouldn’t introduce him to anyone. And if he does get a girlfriend, I’m going to act fussy and picky and ask him to show me who she is.”

Song Joong Ki replied, “I’d like for Park Bo Young to be my younger sister as well, but I have a real younger sister so I’d feel apologetic if she saw this.”

When asked by the MC if he would consider Park Bo Young as his girlfriend instead, he avoided answering by displaying a playfully shocked expression.

The actress was later asked to rate her physical appearance based off her high school graduation photos.

Recently, the photos had been headlining for proving her natural and ever-youthful appearance. She replied, “I don’t think I’m pretty at all. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to rely on my looks, so I worked harder with my acting.

Going back to the topic of siblings, the MC mentioned, “I often hear that you two look alike, particularly with your eyes.”

Upon hearing this, the two came closer and asked viewers to check for themselves.

Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki also recently tried dubbing for “Rio“, their first animation film. “Everyone told us that we matched. We haven’t worked on it much yet, but since we’ve already met various times on variety programs, we’re not as awkward with each other.”

Source: Newsen #1, #2 via Joins, Newsen via Nate
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