Jan 1, 2011

[31/12/10] Song Joong Ki Won Popularity Award & Best Couple Award

Song Joong Ki won KBS Popularity Award and Best Couple (with Yoo Ah In). The ceremony was conducted on 31 December 2010 at Seoul. This flower boy even shed some tears during his acceptance speech. He even dedicate the award to his grandmother.  Moreover, his the MC of the award. 

Source: Newsen
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  1. luv the best couple award! kbs does have great sense of humor! haha!

  2. i saw it last night . i don't know korean language , so when he make the speech , suddenly people start to cry and he start to cry , and i was like ' why are they crying ? ' i really hope i know what he said , i guess if i know the meaning , i'm sure i will cry too .

  3. credit to raddest @youtube for the translation "i'm really nervous (...) i was already so honored to host the awards (...) to be honest i was a bit disappointed that i wasn't a nominee for the rookie awards. (...some thank yous...) i especially think of my grandmother at this time. she's blind so she's never seen her grandson's face her whole life. right now at home she's probably watching...grandma, you can hear my voice, right? turn the volume up and hear your grandson win an award, i love you, stay healthy."

  4. Good for him! He really deserved the award he received!!! ^^ and LOL @ Geol-Rim couple, I think every1 in that show was laughing hard too!!! XD

  5. Ah In looks so embarrassed but Joong Ki looks like hes so loving it.. LOL